Friday, November 11, 2005

Problem with Masthead

A short time ago, I changed my blogger header by adding an image to it, and changing the font to small caps. It looks fine in Internet Explorer; in Firefox, however, the top portion of the font turns black, and the stroke has disappeared.

Would anyone have an idea as to how I could fix this?

Thanks so much.

This post was written by s'kat from s'kat and the food


McAuliflower said...

s'kat, could you explain what we are suppose to see? What do you mean when you say "the stroke has disappeared"? What color is your font suppose to be and how the heck are you getting your font to be half on color and half another (not familiar with this html or css).

Also, what font did you use?

It may be as simple as your font choice not being supported. If you want to use a fancy font, use it as an image if you don't want to run the risk of it not being supported on another's machine. Though, search engine bots won't pick up your text if it isn't text (boy that sounds like a duh statement!).

s'kat said...

I'm not sure what font I'm actually using- it's whatever blogger supplied as part of the minima template.

By the stroke, I mean the little border that goes around the text. It was all supposed to be white, and I am completely at a loss as to how it's becoming bisected in Firefox!

paul said...

If I have a minute, I'll go in to see what's happening.

But, basically the title and the description are two separate boxes, the top box with top and side white borders (stroke), and the bottom one with side and bottom borders. Somewhere the margins or border values got messed up. It's not a font thing.

Mcauliflower, there's a way (several actually) to replace text with an image, and still have it readable in search engines and screen readers. Read more here:

It may be a little advanced if you don't know a little CSS, but it's more straight forward than it looks. It hides the text, but displays the image,

s'kat said...

Thanks, Paul. I'm still slowly trying to figure out what all the codes mean, and what they reflect when viewed on the blog.

SaltShaker said...

I'm no whiz with the coding either, but I immediately see when I view the page source that you have different color settings for the font and width settings for the border in the "title" and the "description" portions of the header. My best guess is that that's where the problem lies.

paul said...


It's always the simplest things (that you never find until you've gone through the complex stuff.

It's just a small typo, you have an extra '}' after the styles for your header, in your CSS.

You owe me cookies.

The most common mistakes I see in css and html are unbalanced tags. An opening tag needs a closing tag. Some browsers are forgiving about this when they're wrong, so it makes it even more of a mystery than it is.

paul said...

I just noticed how ironic it was to have accidentally left out my closing parenthesis in my last comment.

s'kat said...

Paul- you're just dreamy, it looks great! How do you feel about banana bread? ;)

Once again, thank you so much. I think I need to find a 'CSS for the Terminably Obtuse' book to start me on the way.


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