Thursday, November 10, 2005

StickyDate is Born

OK, Ed, I swiped the title after all - hope that was still ok. Sam's right, The Date Place sounds like a single place -- we just looking for something easy for everyone to remember.

StickyDate will be a place for any and all food and wine blogging events, big and small, one-time or regular.

If anyone wants posting capabilities, just shoot me an e-mail (at for now) and I'll take care of it.

My thought was to list the events in date order by month, i.e., have a post for November and the events listed underneath it in date order, with links to the hosts.

Open to any and all ideas. Just seems to be so many events that I keep missing because I forget about them and they're not listed everywhere, and I know I'm not alone. For instance, I blanked about the Donna Hay event, and definitely want to join in the fun for that one, and Jennifer's Entertain MeMe and I always forget about Stephanie's Blog Party until it's too late.

Pass on the info about StickyDate to your fellow bloggers, so everyone knows about another place to spread the word about their event.

Nothing on the blog yet, but will work on it tonight and tomorrow to get November events up.

This post was written by Sweetnicks from Sweetnicks


Rachael said...

Sweetnicks, you are the best. Thanks for taking charge on this one! I know all the event organizers and participants will be thrilled.

Alicat said...

That's fantastic Sweetnicks! You rock! :)

Jennifer Maiser said...

am i the only one getting a 404 error when i click through to stickydate?

Kalyn said...

I am also getting the error for Stickydate.

Joe said...

Getting the same error - it is probably because there is no starting post put up.

Cate said...

Ding, ding, ding, Joe has the right answer. I'll get the first post update and add those who requested posting privileges. Thanks for all jumping on board! :)

mrs d said...

Sweetnicks, this is fantastic! Thank you! Looking forward to seeing it in action. (And hooray from all of us who've missed events in the past -- I swear I've lost count of how many I've missed!)