Wednesday, November 02, 2005

[Blogger] Help with template, please!

On my sidebar the months of my archives all appear twice (March March, April, April, and so on) any clue how to fix it?

Thanks ev'body!

This post was written by Rachael
from Fresh Approach Cooking


Kalyn said...
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Amy Sherman said...

Looking at your source code, you have the line of code for each months archive listed twice. Are you using an automatic code generator from blogger or are your writing it yourself?

Rachael said...

I assume Im using a code generator, since Im certainly not writing anything...LOL
Can you tell me which part of the code is there twice? I have stared at it for ever and dont see it.


Ian said...


The a href is duplicated, like this:

[a href='']November 2005[/a] [li][a href='']November 2005[/a][/li]

If you can remove the first link, all should be well.

Note: [] used instead of <> to prevent attempt to display link on this page.


Amy Sherman said...

Log into Blogger. Go to "Settings" then go to "Archiving" and re-check the frequency then republish. If that doesn't fix it, you can chekc "no archive" and enter the code manually. It is very easy to do, really and I can walk you through the code you need.

In the future if you look at your template, you can usually figure out the code. The heading of "archives" is listed.

Rachael said...

I have scoured my template over and over, and never did see that line of code. Very odd.

I did go through line by line removing things and seem to have fixed the doubling problem, only now Im left with double spaced archive links. Oh well, better than what I had. Thanks everyone for your help with this!

Alanna said...

TIP: When looking for any specific something in the template code, I often find it easier to select/copy into a document that's searchable ... plus it's a reminder to back up the template on occasion!

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