Monday, November 07, 2005

[General] "Clare Eats" is in the Hospital

Just a head's up for anyone who knows Clare Eats from Eatstuff -- she is in the hospital after a freak accident with her cat. If you have a chance to go leave her a comment or send her a card electronically, Casey is printing out all notes for her. Clare is a frequent contributor to this forum.

(via Farmgirl Fare)

This post was written by Jen from Life Begins @ 30.


Ed Charles said...

I was thinking bloggers could post a restorative recipe like chicken soup of zabaione.

farmgirl said...

Thanks so much for posting this.

Many of you know that Clare hosts the popular weekly Weekend Cat Blogging event where food bloggers post pictures of their cats and she puts the round up on Eat Stuff.

This weekend WCB is going to be a special "Feel Better/Get Well/Sending E-Hugs" edition for Clare and Kiri. It will be hosted by Boo_licious at Masak-Masak Cat owners are encouraged to post anything with that theme, from the above-mentioned chicken soup recipe, to flowers from your cat, or simply good wishes. I will be posting an announcement about it in the next day or so on Farmgirl Fare.

Thanks to everyone who has sent hugs and healing thoughts to Clare and left messages for her at Eat Stuff.