Thursday, November 10, 2005

[calendar] november events

** a few updates **

sweetnicks has been posting about a possible central calendar, but until we get one going here (or there, or anywhere!), here are a few events that are coming up that i've spied...if i'm missing any, drop a comment in the box and i'll edit this list.

NOV 07-11 entertain meme

THU NOV 17 blog party - holiday party

SAT NOV 19 hay, hay! it's donna hay

SUN NOV 27 sugar high friday a joint with...

SUN NOV 27 is my blog burning? it's a holiday cookie swap!

WED NOV 30 end of the month eggs on toast extravaganza

FRI DEC 02 the paper chef - the holiday anniversary edition

and all this so i could slip in a little announcement that DINE & DISH is back from its lazy summer vacation... *giggle*

TUE DEC 06 dine & dish no. 5 - asian persuasion

WED DEC 07 wine blogging wednesday no. 16 - judge a bottle by its cover


we still have to see announcements for another theme day for slashfood and does my blog look good in this?

:: this post was deliciously brought to you by sarah from the delicious life ::


barbara said...

Could you please include my Hay Hay Its Donna Day on 19th November. I've sent it to Is My Blog Burning but it doesn't seem to have made it through.

sarah said...

sure barbara!

and wine blogging wednesday too...

Owen said...

Paper Chef will be Friday December 2 (it is officially the first Friday of the month) and as this is really the official first anniversary plus holiday time, we'll have to have some kind of specialness...

Andrew said...

shush - dont tell anyone but the next slashfood day is going to be about leftovers... thanksgiving leftovers and stuff...

Chubby Hubby said...


The winners of DMBLGIT 10 were announced a while ago.

click HERE to see the results.


stephen said...

Anybody know who is hosting the November DMBLGIT?