Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Please Click on My Profile

I think something is up with my Blogger profile view counter. (I refuse to believe no one has looked at my profile in weeks.)
Has anyone else had this issue with Blogger? How did you resolve it? I searched help to no avail and sent an email to support but have yet to hear.

Meanwhile, do me a favor and click on over to www.clickblogappetit.blogspot.com and check out my profile.

You don't have to, but it would be good to know you where there so I can get a better picture of the issue. You can email me from the profile, leave a comment below or let me know at fjkblog1@sbcglobal.net.

Thanks for your help.

Faith from Blog Appetit


McAuliflower said...

Welcome to Food Blog S'cool.

It could be that no one has clicked through (fwiw I clicked on it). You already give a profile, so maybe the average user doesn't feel compelled to click more? (btw have you submitted your site to food porn?)

You might enjoy taking a moment(or two or three...) to go through the archives here. We have lots of tips on how to play with your site, etc.

MeBeth said...

Hi Faith - I clicked and was able to view your profile. Welcome!

Alicat said...

When I view it, it showed a total of 109 views.

I noticed that when I changed something on my profile, and then resaved it, sometimes the profile views would change...like it hadn't been updating as it should, and once I saved it again, it showed a more correct view #

Hope that helps.. :)

FJK said...

It's been at 109 for something like 2 weeks! Just from your taking the time I should be up 3. I tried just resaving my profile but that didn't help. I change some setting or the other and try again. Thanks again for your help.

Kathy said...

I clicked and was able to view your profile just fine.

FJK said...

Hi everybody. I appreciate you all clicking on my profile. Viewing my profile is not the issue. It is the number that shows for profile views that hasn't changed in weeks.

Anyone got any ideas how to fix?

FJK said...

Comment Update:
Dear Alicat,
Your guess was right. When I changed some in my profile and resaved it showed an updated view number. How odd. Thanks for the suggestion.

Alicat said...

No problem. :) It's a short term fix...but I never figured out how to fix the problem so... :)

FJK said...

Finally heard back from blogger support -- it's a glitch they know about and will update periodically, not with every view. They are working to make it to make it be more accurate.....
Thanks everyone

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