Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Becks & Posh: Lovely Jubbly Bubbly#comments

Gee Sam, I dont't might have to twist my arm on this one...


Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy. Champagne, Happy, Happy, Happy.


Becks & Posh: Lovely Jubbly Bubbly#comments


Rachael said...

WOW. THat is beyond bizarre! I am only leaving that comment up because of how it got there...

I hit "Comment" on Sam's blog and it opened a link for this to happen. I figured, what with her being a html goddess, it was some new fancy thing...turns out, it just posted here as a post instead. Most odd.

Any thoughts?


Sam said...

rachael - do you think you might have hit the "create a link" button instead of "create a commnet"

very odd

s'kat said...

I believe that this is purely full-moon related phenomena.

Andrew said...

I posted this on Sams blog by mistake yesterday (another full moon?) - for a one off could I call on netscape users for a vote on my bubbly post