Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Adding "Save to Del.icio.us" to every post

First, I have a del.icio.us cookbook and I love it. It's a wonderful way to save recipes without using bookmarks.

However, today I am hitting my hand against my forehead and muttering. I recently added "save to del.icio.us" to my post template (in Blogger) thinking that someone could click it and it would add that post to their del.icio.us acount. I just found out (by accident) that when someone clicks that link on my post pages, it adds Kalyn's Kitchen (the url) to their del.icio.us page, not the permalink for that recipe. I suppose people who know how to use del.icio.us have been figuring it out and going to the permalink before saving it, but that's not what I had in mind.

Does anyone know how to configure it in Blogger so that you can add the "save to del.icio.us" option and have it appear on each page and save the permalink? I read about it on the del.icio.us page and I see instructions for typepad and wordpress but I don't know enough to know if they willwork for Blogger.

Thanks so much.

This Post was written by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen.


Erin S. said...

Kalyn--I just did a similar thing (BlogHer gave me so many good ideas!) and have run into the same problem. I'm hoping to spend some time figuring it out tonight, so I have nothing helpful to post yet--but wanted to let you know you're not alone!

Kalyn said...

Erin, let me know if you figure out anything. Thanks!!

SusanV said...

Kalyn, I don't know if you use Feedburner, but if you do, you can add this by using a "Flare." You can choose which options you want added to the end of each post, and "Add to Del.icio.us" is one of them. I have it on my blog, along with "Subscribe to this Feed" and "Subscribe by Email."

Just go to www.feedburner.com, choose Optimize and look at FeedFlare.

Owen said...

Kalyn - to do this youneed to understand Blogger's own internal codes.
(I am hoping that this will come out since it includes HTMLy stuff)
The following is how my own blog shows a permalink:
(replace ALL [..] brackets with angle brackets)

[a href="[$BlogItemPermalinkURL$]"]
([$BlogItemCommentCount$]) comments

now this also includes things like the number of comments that we don't want. Now - I can't see what delicious gave you exactly - looks like some javascript that derives the location from a location.url function - you want to change that and somehow make use of the href="[$BlogItemPermalinkURL$]" bit because blogger will expand that into the permalink url every time it sees it

hope that helps,


Kalyn said...

Susan and Owen, thank you both. Owen, the scary thing is that I actually did undestand some of what you wrote (but not all of it!) But luckily when I went to Feedburner, they had a step by step instructions. You choose the things you want to add (lots of good choices besides del.icio.us) then you select your blog platform, and they give you the html and a step-by-step of where to paste it. I did it and it seems to be working.

Now I still have two problems. I took out the incorrect del.icio.us link from my post template, but on the posts where I have already published it's still there and I'll have to manually delete it and republish them, luckily it's not hundeds, but it's quite a few. What I don't know is whether the new correct del.icio.us link from Feed Flare will show up when I republish each of those individual posts. I'll come back and put it here so others will know after I find out.

Now, off to e-mail Erin.

Kalyn said...

Me again, and luckily I only have about 40 posts to republish to remove the incorrect del.icio.us link.

What others might want to know is that even when I republished, it did not add in the new del.icio.us tag from feedburner.

I'm letting it go, I'm letting it go, I'm letting it go . . . . .

That is, unless someone knows how to get it into all my archived posts! Since it's coming into newly published posts from the template, I'm puzzled. But I'm very happy that it's working from now on.

Erin S. said...

Thanks susanv--that made it very easy!

Amy Andrews said...

I'm trying to get the del.icio.us icon/graphic to appear next to the "save to delicous" text that I was able to put in my template html thanks to you guys and Feedburner's Feed Flare. I don't think Feedburner supports the icon/graphic yet. Maybe (hopefully) I'm wrong. Any way to add the icon if you got the 'save to del.ico.us' in your template using feedburner? thanks!

Amy Andrews said...

I couldn't go to sleep w/o figuring this out. Checked out Kalyn's blog, from above and found all I wanted at addthis.com. Got rid of the feedburner feedflare code in my template html. Stuck in the addthis.com and it works like a charm. The big plus is that you can send your readers to any tagging system they may use, not just delicious. Thank you Kalyn! I love S'Cool!