Friday, August 25, 2006

[Misc.] Media Bistro Food Writing Class

Has anyone taken a food writing class from Mediabistro? I'd be interested to hear what you thought and if you thought much of the information would help a food blogger as well.

I'm interested in their one night class on "Writing the Perfect Food Essay" in NYC. It's only $65 and the teacher David Leite sounds mega-qualified. I am particularly interested in this class because it talks about how to "handle the thorny issue of first-person writing" and "how to avoid sentimentality" -- both issues that I struggle with on my blog.

Maybe if someone else in the NYC food blog world is going, we could meet up before or after the class for a drink.

This Post was written by Chris from Electric Stove


Homesick Texan said...

I have personally never taken a Mediabistro course, but I have friends who have taken its writing classes with great results. For the money, it can't be beat--while polishing your writing skills, they also emphasize how to get published and how to craft a solid pitch. It's also great for networking as instructors have extensive editorial contacts.

Queen Art-o-Eat said...

David Leite has a great website-leiteculnaria and if I was back east and not on the other edge I would definately take the class with you!

christine said...

I took the Beginning Food Writers class from David Leite through MediaBistro over a year ago and it's one of the best things I've done for myself. David is a great teacher. He's tough, funny, smart and helpful. I adore him! He won't coddle you and he'll do his best to see that you get what you signed up for.
There were six of us in the class from NY, WA, OR, CA, and LA. We had a blast.
If you take his class, tell Christine of the pink shirt group says "hi".

Mona said...

I took MB's intro to food-writing class with David and agree with everyone. He is hilarious and really eager to share his experiences -the good, bad the ugly-with everyone. It's also fun to go and network, even if you don't walk away and score an article in the Times a few months down the road. And actually, he recommended starting a blog to the rest of the class, so if you have one, you're already kind of a step ahead.