Monday, August 21, 2006

Coding for Pull-Down Menus

Hi everyone,

Sam generously shared with me the code to the pull-down menus for Food Blog Scool's archives. I tried to apply a similar thing to the sidebar of my blog, and I combed the code for typos and thought I got rid of them all, but it's not working quite right. In Firefox, it looks perfect, but none of the links actually go anywhere. In IE, it looks really funky. Does it have something to do with the Java Script? Any other ideas?


This Post was written by Emily Stone from Chocolate in Context


Alicat said...

I am curious to this as well. I tried pull down menus a while back and had the same problem. :)

Cybele said...

Kind of off topic, but I thought I'd chime in ... I'm not fond of dropdowns like this as a reader of blogs. I'm not likely to click on them and they're hard to read (with a narrow browser window, I miss most of the type).

I have found something that I rather like and am considering implementing at some point:

Look on over on the right nav area - you can click to expand little areas without refreshing the whole page to see recent comments, photos, blogroll, etc. You can expand/contract multiple modules, instead of only looking at one dropdown at a time.

I'm a big user of "find on page" when I'm trying to remember a post that I might have commented on, and that doesn't work with dropdowns.

Sam said...

I have started to hate the dropdowns too and am right in the process of rehauling my own blog right now to something different. my menus will have a similar concept to the la blog you kindly pointed out, cybele, but will be a little different too. I havent seen exactly what I am doing on any other blog, but no doubt someone has done it before. At least it feels like i am being creative.

I am quite excited about having a new template, if only it wouldnt take so long to rebuild, 2 days so far and counting, and I am not going to update my blog til it's finished which at this moment in time feels like it could be sometime next year.

I hope my readers have some patience ...

I have also cracked, i think, the blogger header not linking to the homepage problem of old, but will have to wait til i finally publish the new template to double check then will report back here. It was very satisfying to use my brain to figure it out.

I am having fun,

Alicat said...

I guess no one knows the answer, besides saying they don't like drop downs?? lol

Sam said...

my only advice is to to look at the source code for someone who has it working and duplicate and edit it.

all i can say is that i sit here for hours like a parrot testing the code and eventually i get it right.

it's tough.

i don't know what i am doing. i currently have a lovely new template that works in firefox but not in ie and i am frustrated beyond belief.

when i have some time i will try and look at cybele's code for her, but right now, until i get my own template working, I just don't have time. template tweaking swallows hours.

Sam said...

i meant emily not cybele, duh! sorry

Aqsa Rao said...

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