Wednesday, August 16, 2006

[Podcasting] [Feeds] Newbie podcasting

I'm hoping to do a podcast sometime over the next couple of months and would like a bit of guidance please. I'm particularly concerned about my feed. As I understand it Typepad has tags in normal blog posts that allow podcast feeds to be picked up. That's what they told me anyway. But I'm not sure quite what this means. Does it mean that if I simply publish my podcast as a blog post it will automatically be picked up by itunes, odeo etc? Or do I need to ping them separately.

On a related podcast point, I'm planning to record the podcast using a combination of SkypeOut and Pamela. Does anyone have experience of this? I was considering using Hotrecorder, but figured that given Pamela is endorsed by Skype, I might find it easier to integrate the two and use. Although I'd be interested to hear arguments for or against other systems. I did read somewhere that Pamela has issues with SkypeOut, although they're hoping to address that in the next release due out in the next couple of weeks. If that release doesn't happen before my podcast (no date confirmed yet) I may opt for Hotrecorder. Arrgh, too many decisions.

Finally, any recommendations for decent headset and mic? I've been using one of the cheaper Plantronics one and the build quality isn't that great. I want to ensure as good quality as possible for the podcast.

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paul said...

I'm unfamilar with Typepad's podcasting features, but Wordpress has some great plug-ins which have made setting up clients podcasts and videocasts easy (there needs to be a better word for videocasts, and no, I'm not gonna say the word 'vodcast').

The podcast directories will not pick it your feed automatically, you'll need to submit to each of them.

There's a lot of them, so there's a lot of submitting. Here's a list with some descriptions of the big ones and here's the big list

In the case of iTunes, the one you really want to be on, you'll need all your ducks in a row before they will pick you up. So read their tech specs for inclusion.

I can't help you with the audio stuff, that's a whole 'nother world to me.

Tery Spataro said...

I use I didn't want to invest in the hardware and love the being able to podcast on the road. The quality is decent if you have a decent phone. Their tech support is awesome.