Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My blog is at Typepad and I'm using domain redirection, which works pretty well except that the image links for the fullsize images in the popup window all still point to "" instead of "" The thumbnail that is automatically created is correctly pathed to my domain, which makes it doubly confusing as to why it's not for the other. I've tested and if I simply change the URL to swap domains, it still resolves to the image, so I am thinking it should work correctly.

This is the case on other blogs and sometimes it causes serious problems. Like Stephen Cooks, which I pretty much don't go to because I've never been able to resolve the URLs for his images, which are all going to where they aren't. I sent him mail a long time ago and he didn't have any idea why it was happening so I asked Typepad's people and they never had an answer. (yes, i realize this is some bizarre DNS thing on my side since you can all see the images, but the images should be pathed to, nonetheless...and I've changed DNS servers and tried from about 5 different computers here...and yes I know that's a lot of computers... laughs)

So you may see why I doubt that I'm going to get very far with Typepad, especially after reading Stephen's (waves at Stephen) mail about image issues. And I really need to fix this because I've got a number of Typepad blogs I manage (some of which I'd rather not have linked to my kitchenmage site in any obvious way like images in posts) in addition to my primary food site and this is true on all of them. Unfortunately. Which means a lot of code tweaking once I figure it out. *sigh*


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gerald said...

Have you tried re-mapping your domain and then re-publishing all your files? I checked out your code and it does definitely look strange, all your other links seem to be mapped properly, but only the img links are not.

kitchenmage said...

Hi Gerald,

I tried remapping the domain, with republishes in between and it's the same. So I sent Typepad mail and they sent back a note saying this is BY DESIGN and the only fix was to map my 'entire account' to one domain.

This just seems totally wrong, defeating the purpose of being able to map domains, and I told them so. Am waiting to hear back; I'll let you know how they try to blow me off next. :-0

eric rochow said...

when i set up my video blog, i had considered blogger and typepad, and with the idea of a domain forwarding, then i decided to use Wordpress (from and host the video blog on, who has a wordpress auto-install as well as ton of other benefits.

i have no problems with linking to images or video clips. eric.

kitchenmage said...

This just gets better. I'm on my third person at Typepad and my general impression is that they need to train their staff on better blowoff techniques. I used to work at softwareBehemoth so I know of what I speak... (oops, was that the outLoud voice again?)

Anyway, the wonderful folks at Typepad say that this is by design with domain mapping. They always link some things to the owning Typepad account not the blog, so any time you have more than one blog the owner's identity just bleeds through. And then they shrugged.

Like the foaf.rdf file for all of my blogs is the same and contains kitchenMage data. Even though only two sites use the about page info on the blog and I edited the RSS (et al) feeds to exclude an author name. I therefore assumed that the owner (me) wasn't showing up as the author when I was. Silly me! The blogs I manage range from political to government so I really don't want me showing up as an author/owner, ya know. *grin*

They have a way to fix this but it would require a ton of work on my part, including template conversions for a number of sites, including requiring manual design editing afterwards. Excuse me? I think not. I'm waiting for an answer on that one.

Eric, I'd move except that I've got a dozen blogs, several of which I don't directly author and it would be unthinkably horrible to move it and have to retrain people who are almst overwhelmed by the posting interface... arrggghhh!!!

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