Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yet another strange commercial offer.

After my first commercial blandishment (La Censa) I just got hit up with an offer to advertise on my site that was followed up with the following:

The plain text links are one of the methods we use to advertise
I do have one other form of advertising that I can offer to pay much more for
We would create 5 sub-domains off www.tomatilla.com we would create the content for the sub-domains (subject to your approval of course), and we would host them
You would make the DNS entries for the sub-domains to point to our server
The topics for the sub-domains would be broad topics like “investing”
Once the content was uploaded - you would place text links to the sub-domains on the pages of your root domain
We need only a small amount of space for the text links - 2-3 words of hyper-text on 5 lines
I can offer you $xxx USD paid upfront for the 5 sub-domains for 3 months
We do not operate in the adult / gambling / pharmaceutical marketplaces
Let me know if you are interested in this

I'm absolutely not prepared to do the sub-domain thing but I did wonder if anyone else had received this or had done it.

This Post was written by Owen from Tomatilla!


Kalyn said...

I did hear some horror stories at the Blogher conference from a well-known mommyblogger who had done this and then the advertiser put illegal content and her host shut her down for a short while. It seems deceptive at best.

Silverbrow said...

I'm pretty sure it contravenes Google guidelines as well.

kitchenmage said...

Owen, that "offer" sets my fraud filters a buzzin'... I can't imagine why a legitimate business would choose this approach and the $xxx doesn't have enough "x"s on it to make it worth the risk of letting them use your domain.

Owen said...

kitchenmage - pretty much what I thought - by the way you can get an estimate of what your site is worth at the rather amazing


which tells me I shouldn't seel my site's soul for less than $3000.

Not to be taken too seriously - but kinda fun.

Anyway - I had already decided to say no. You can buy me with a couple of pounds of grass-fed range beef and the use of fancy words like 'terroir' but not with money...