Monday, August 21, 2006

[HTML] Help!

Hello Friends!

I spent over an hour photographing and formatting, to prepare a background for my blog title. After a satisfactory preview, I saved changes to template and republished my blog only to find that at the end of it I don't see a background in the title box.
It is most frustrating.

Preview Screen

Actual screen-note the absence of BG in title space

Can someone tell me what is the snag?

I have posted bg in both header {
and header div {

Please help!

Thanks in advance.

This post was written by Nandita of Saffron Trail


Nandita said...

I'm able to see the background in the home page but not on any of the permalinks, can someone help me please?

paul said...

This may be an issue with Blogger and the archive templates updating. Your background:url is only applied to your header CSS on your home page, not on the archive pages.

Mae said...

I can see it on the main page - lovely, by the way!!!

But not on the archived pages. When i get home tonight, i'll check.

Mae said...

It seems to be working now on Mozilla Firefox. I checked on a few of your previous posts and the header was there.