Tuesday, August 01, 2006

[Blogger] Template Problem or Blogger Problem?

UPDATE: I added a post lamenting the issues and somehow it was magically fixed. I am not going to ask questions, I am just going to appreciate it.

Looks like it is a day full of Blogger issues. I did some changes to my template today, but simple ones like adding links. When I used the preview function in Blogger, my blog looks perfect, with everything in its place. But when I saved the changes and republished, my entire sidebar is missing and the last post is cut off in the middle with the html code showing up at the end.

Even now, if I go into my template and use the preview function, it looks fine. But visiting it directly, it is all messed up. So, I guess it could be a blogger issue or I did something weird to my template (but they why would the preview function show that it is fine?).


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