Wednesday, August 09, 2006

No credit, but compensation?

I was recently approached by an popular on-line magazine for the use of one of our food photographs - no "photo credit" will be given, but they are offering compensation (we've never been offered any compensation before, so I don't know if it is a good offer). The firm does seem legitimate, but as I said, this is a first for us. If we agree to let them use the photo(s), is there anything we should watch out for or be aware of? Thanks!

This Post was written by Joe from Culinary in the Desert


Julie said...

Hi Joe,
I like your blog. I would really be questioning why this company doesn't just give you a photo credit. If there is a good reason why not, I would consider whether the relationship with them might lead to more (credited) work in the future and whether the money alone without the credit is enough to make it worthwhile. Unless someone else can offer some insight on why not being credited is okay, I would be hesitant about this offer. Just my two cents.

nika said...

I think a photo credit is much more valuable than some small sum that they will likely offer. I ask for credit and contact info be included (this is a non-mag setting.. mag at least credit).

Its really up to you. You will want to make sure that this is a single use agreement and get some tear sheets if you can .. maybe they can do a credit in the masthead.. that way you can pair the tearsheet with the credit/masthead

Cybele said...

I'd be wary of the no credit issue. If it's online it's easy for folks to then swipe it from there and perhaps credit the online magazine, but eventually you'd be lost in the shuffle.

If you do decide to go ahead with it, be very clear that it's a one-time use as well. You wouldn't want them putting it into their photo bank and selling it off as an asset if they were to go under.

Joe said...

Thanks for the input! This was exactly what I was looking for so I could ask some questions!