Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Qumana MT picture problems

I've just started using Qumana as a desktop blog client but my pictures aren't showing up on my blog powered by Movable Type.

This means I'm having to paste the Flickr code into Movable Type myself, which defeats the prupose of using Qumana

I was trying to do a text runaround on a picture ranged to the left of the text. I pasted the code in, adjusted the size of the box to the picture's size 180 high by 240 wide in this case.

Any ideas?


David said...

I used it for one post (no HTML-ing for us Movable Typers!) but found picture placement problematic. I was able to wrap-around text easily for the first photo, but was unable to disable it for the second photo. Also can't find the 'Preview' feature to check the post before posting, and sent them a message through their Support link last week, but haven't heard back.

Seems like it'll be a good service, but a few bugs need to get worked out first.

chrispy said...

It won't even acknowledge my pictures even though they were websized and all. It was frustrating.

I agree with david that it needs it's bugs worked out first.

Ed Charles said...

Glad it's not just me. David, i have the same preview problem too. It's not WYSIWYG at all. I've found all desktop clients to be problematic.