Friday, August 25, 2006

html: bloglines icon

How do I add an icon to my listing on bloglines?

This Post was written by Kevin from Seriously Good


SusanV said...

Kevin, first you need to add a favicon to your template--I looked at your blog and didn't see one. (Just do a google search, and you'll find lots of sites to help with this.) Once your favicon is installed, email Bloglines and ask them to update your feed so that your icon appears. That's what I did.

Kevin said...


Marc said...

There might be another way to do it through your bloglines account. I clicked "account", then "publisher tools". To have this control, though, I needed to first claim my blog. Then I could edit the feed properties, including the favicon and the image that appears in the title section. My atom feed should have a mysterious graphic in the upper right corner.