Friday, August 11, 2006

Me and My Side Bar

As you may have guessed from my numerous posts today, I'm doing some updating on the layout of my blog.

One thing that I've done is to nix the grade-schoolish blogger profile and write my own bio. But I'd like to clean up the appearance a bit more. I'd like to put a border around the bio, but I can't seem to find the right solution. (That is, all of the solutions I've dug up seem way to complicated. Does anyone know of a simple one and/or would you be willing to break down one of the more complicated solutions into a simple step-by-step description?)

I also wonder if it's possible to (why can't I think of the write editorial lingo?) format the text in the bio so that it's flush on both the right and left sides, making it look like a clean column, not the jagged one that it is now. Any ideas?

And I can't remember what they looked like before, but all of my links seem to have centered themselves, instead of aligning on the left, and I think they look goofy. Could someone tell me (I'm sure it's really simple) how I changed my links from being centered to being left-aligned?

Many thanks!

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