Wednesday, August 02, 2006

heads up on image "stealing"


Your photos and posts found here?

Mine are, so is Andrew Barrows, as well as Nicole Weston, whose else?

Not sure what to say about this other than its a chinese mirror site that keeps on co-opting pics from me and also other food bloggers. It looks like they are cloning slashfood's feed for the most part. Hard to tell.

Not much anyone can do about it is my sense, maybe I am wrong.

This Post was written by Nika from Nika's Culinaria


ilva said...

Nika, how did you find you photos there? I mean if there's a text link I know how to find it but the photos?

paul said...

It's an aggregator just like the tons of English ones. (It looks lilke it's taking's feed (which looks like a Taiwanese aggregator

I don't mind so much if somebody translates my posts and spits them out to another audience.

I can't tell if they're hotlinking images, since they're puling them off with some scripts. Nika, did you find this site from your referrer logs?

There's not much you can do about aggregators stealing your stuff (besides terminating your rss feed) but you can do something about image hotlinking if you have your own web hoster.

Google "image hotlinking" for some techniques.

nika said...

yeah I found this via my referrer records. This example doesnt show my image but a sister site of theirs has.

I check my statcounter for referrers mainly to get a sense for who is hotlinking but I wont see it unless someone follows a link from that site. And I dont see the image hotlinking as I dont have stats with Flickr.

I know there isnt much to be done. Its not my RSS feed they are tapping, its slashfood.

Andrew said...

I'll let the powers that be at slashfood know; they are translating posts from it and using our photos.

cookiecrumb said...

I figure I'm safe if my photos keep being so cruddy.

Mae said...

How strange, i keep having this on my referrers and even emails that since i don't understand a word of Japanese, i thought it was spam! I only recognised it when i clicked on the link you've provided.

So, how can one find out if somebody's using someone else's photos?

nika said...

Andrew: kewl thnx

cookiecrumb: hey now, you have got to be you own best cheerleader!

mae: I am not good at figuring that out myself. If you watermark (digital rights management) your shots or have some identifying info in the EXIF data I think you might be able to search but with my PS watermarkingmeans registration and thus $$ (as far as I can tell).