Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finding other food bloggers by geography

I'm going on a couple of vacations in the next month and would be like to reading food blogs from the places I'm going before I go and maybe even try to arrange meeting up with a food blogger or two while I am there.

I know that the S'cool would get very cluttered if everyone posted their vacation plans etc. on the site, but is there a way to search for food blogs by city or by zip code or maybe there is a map? I've come across a couple of things but they never seemed comprehensive.

This Post was written by Chris from Electric Stove


sam said...

This is the Food Bloggers Map created by Tana at Small Farms.

Any pupils not listed yet could take this opportunity to update their wherabouts now.

The Chefs Blogg Food blogger directory also lists food blogs by region.

hope that helps


paul said...

Tana's map is great.

Foodieblogs has a map, but only has 147 of them.

You may also want to do a find with your browser on my food blog list for a particular city.

nika said...

Paul: while we have you here - I have tried to submit my blog to you but never seem to have any luck! What am I doing wrong? :-)

paul said...

It's not you, it's me.

It's been a month since I've posted new blogs (although I've edited a few). I'm almost ready to declare email bankruptcy like Lawrence Lessig, and start anew, rather than try to bury through the enormous list I've gotten in the past month.

If I could figure out how to charge for inclusion (cookies, home-grown tomatoes, etc) I might be more motivated.