Saturday, August 19, 2006

[members] New Pupils, A Warm Welcome

I have just signed up a few more Vanilla Pods, a whole class of Walnuts and the start of class Xerophile for you all to check out today. (Xerophiles are plants adapted to life with minimal water that include the natural, edible sweetener, Agave.)

Please give all the new pupils a big hello:

Cook (almost) Anything At Least Once
alice q. foodie
Foodie Universe
The Ethicurean
Daydream Delicious
Wino Sapien
Frugal Cuisine
The Suburban Apron Company
Christine Cooks Vegetarian
The Chocolate Lover's Diary
Food, Books and Foodbooks
Squirrel Squad Squeaks
French Kitchen in America
An Open Cupboard
Married With Dinner
Mango & Lime
Food & Paper

Everyone please note: I usually actually add your name to the blog roll around the time when I send you the blogger invitation to food blog scool. You won't really be a member unless you sign up with blogger and accept that invitation. I am making this point because about 50 or so members never actually completed the sign up. If you can't see your invite, please check in your spam folder! Thanks

This post was written by sam from Becks & Posh


Pamela said...

A warm welcome to you all!!!

Kalyn said...

Very fun seeing all the new blogs, and I love seeing the names!

Cate said...

Welcome to all!

s'kat said...


Hey, cool cats!

christine said...

Welcome new pupils! Can't wait to visit your blogs.
Don't be shy now, get those questions ready so I can learn more!

karina said...

Thanks for the reminder, Sam. I'm one of the 50 who never followed thru with the sign-up...

But hmmm... When I sign in [now using beta.blogger/google sign-in, as prompted, I get a 404 Error page to Blog S'Cool RSVP.

Sam said...

karina - send me another join up mail to food blog scool and i will resend you an invite when I ndo the next batch in a couple of weeks. hope that will help. that is what i usually do for people.

hope you dont mind waiting.
if it is urgent send me mail to my becks posh account .