Thursday, January 18, 2007

"Beta" Blogger Gremlins?

Compared to the rest of you, I am pretty naive about blogging. But I'm curious. Since beta appeared, every once in a while, certain links on my site no longer work, Tonight, I cannot use links to several blogger sites, and I think — but am not sure — they are all blogs that have converted to beta.

Non-Blogger bogs — Typepad, etc — are not afftected.

I can get to these blogger blogs through other means. But not through my links.

Very bizarre. Is it just me?

This Post was written by Mimi from French Kitchen in America.


Anonymous said...

blogger and blogspot blogs were down earlier and showing 502 errors but the problems been fixed. It wasn't a beta bug - just server problems.

SusanV said...

The index page of my non-beta Blogger blog just disappeared yesterday. The permalinks to individual pages still worked, but the main page was blank. I don't know how long it was going on, but as soon as I found out, I republished the index, and everything was fine again. This happened to me once before and republishing worked. Just FYI for anyone who has this happen.

Kalyn said...

I've had some strange things like that happen occasionally, even before Beta. Just two days ago I couldn't publish anything for a whole evening. Every time I tried to publish I got an error saying something like "no space left in archives for Kalyn's Kitchen". The next day it was fine.

I will say that I've had a couple of very "gremliny" experiences with beta on my family blog. Once it would not let me upload photos until I signed in with my google account. Only problem, the blog has not switched so when I tried to sign in with google it didn't recognize me.

Anonymous said...

No announcement about Blogger Status since January 9th when there was a scheduled outgage for old Blogger. But from time to time I have problems with my new account too. It puzzles me.

nika said...

blogger has been sketchy for me too.. I am workinf furiously on migrating! I am mostly trying to grok and mourn the inevitable loss in page rank *sighs*

Mimi said...

I still cannot use links that connect to blogs that have converted to beta. I get a "Bad Request Error 400" message.

Yes, in the 7-8 months I've been doing this I've had server problems before, but it's usually a problem of only a few hours duration.

Republishing has not worked so far.

I have also noticed that sometimes when I try to post a comment on a beta blog, I have to type the word verification gibberish in again and again and again before it works.

Very puzzling indeed.

FJK said...

If this is happening, please check your code/source/template, whatever it is called.

I looked and the links that aren't working have an extra slash (// instead of /) in the web address part of the link.

Hope that's it, anyway.

good luck,

Sam said...

why would migration cause a loss of page rank? the url remains the same, surely?

nika said...

sam: nope.. in my case it goes from to (I have bought the server where this lives, its not within the blogger realm - this site is not really ready for prime time yet, still synching up the content) thus these are two different URLs.. when I migrate I have to redirect each and every page and I am not certain yet how is the best way to do that (if really possible) Blogger doesnt give you the server access to put in real redirects per blog post (think its called a 301 redirect) so its likely that google and other engines will get lost along the way not to mention the visitors!

nika said...

FYI: the following like is a case study on "best practices" for blogger-WP migration

nika said...

Yikes, I am gloamming all over this thread - sorry!

Just wanted to add that the link I gave above will work if your blog is still in OLD BLOGGER.. do not upgrade to the new blogger before you migrate.

*sighs* I still am not certain tho about how the pagerank will evolve over time.. will it never learn to go to the new site if you have an effective redirect scheme going on in the old blog? Why is that important? Because if my old blogger is FORCED to upgrade then all of a sudden I do not have a redirect scheme in place and I will be back to now in terms of loss of page rank.

I rue the day I sat at my table and was penny wise and pound foolish.. I should have gone for the paid hosting. This locked in blogger stuff is for the birds.

FJK said...

I am really naive and SCARED about this whole issue, which is why I am still blogger'd myself rather than having a nice, clean domain name.

Can you keep your using blogger and and have the domain redirect users to you there? I think that is what Sweetnicks does (although I'm not sure to be truthful) Would that keep all your photos, files, links and page ranks intact?

Again, I'm a total neophile, not to mention a fraidy cat, when it comes to all of this.

Good luck!
P.S. I heard back from Mimi and it was the double strokes affecting her links if anyone out there is having similar issues. She has no idea how they got there, though. Ah, sweet mystery of blogger!

Sam said...

i think i understand - but if you migrate to new blogger and retain your blogspot address then your page rank will not be affected.

Anonymous said...

new blogger does give you the option of using your own domain but keeping the files on blogger - you don't have to go the full FTP route. The only issue it seems is if you've used photos over 400px in size that are hosted by blogger then they won't display. It does appear that the page rank will stay in tact with kind of redirect.

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