Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[New Blogger] How do I reset the "edit posts" page?

I too have switched to the new blogger...

I am trying to give labels to my posts, but am finding it frustrating. I set the "edit posts" page to show 300. When I click "older," it shows the next 50, not the next 300. Then I click on a post to add labels and post, but when I do, it brings me back to my first 50 posts again. Does anyone know a way to set it to show 300 posts all the time?

And while Im at it...I am really loving these labels. Is there a way to make that label list that appears on my "edit posts" page actually show up on my blog?

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Alicat said...

If I understand correctly, there is a widget you can use via blogger to show your labels -- but you have to be using one of their templates.

If you google 'blogger beta label cloud' there are lots of codes for adding the labels to your sidebar.

Personally, I gonna do it the easy way and once I add all my labels, just add the link to each in my sidebar. I'd rather have a simple list than the cloud, just my preference.

(Click on the label and it should bring up all of the posts with that label. Create a link to each label in the sidebar. Voila)

Alanna said...

There WAS a way to do it on Old Blogger by changing the URL. Sorry though, I can't find it in either my Palm pilot (where it used to be) or in Blogger's help.

But a side note is that every time you add a label, Blogger is updating your RSS feed. So yesterday, for example, Rachael, I knew you were working on labels for there must have been 100 or more of your posts in my RSS reader. (And I had to clear Bloglines of 7000 posts yesterday, a result not only of running WAY behind but of so many Blogger blogs converting, which instantly adds 25 posts).

I'm not sure there's any way to prevent these from appearing in RSS readers.

But it is good to know that Blogger is updating your feed whenever you click publish, even if the post was published BEFORE and is dated xx years ago.

But if you're using something like FeedBurner or FeedBlitz for e-mail subscriptions, you can change the number of posts in your feed. I changed mine to just one post and will time my label updates so that e-mail subscriptions aren't affected. The information on that is herehere on FeedBurner, whose praises I can't sing enough of BTW, for real support, a rarity in blogging.

Meeta said...

Rachel, there is an easier way to do add labels to your older posts.

1. Go to "Edit Posts".
2. In the drop down menu "Posts Per Page" (top right corner) select 300.
3. Select one or more check boxes for the posts that you would like to attach labels to.
4. In the drop down menu "Label Actions" you can either select an existing label, remove a label or create a new one.
5. As you go about this you will notice a list of all the labels you are using in your posts displayed in a neat list on the left side of the "Edit Post" section.

I updated a large part of my older posts this way (not done yet - Sorry Alanna!) and it was a breeze. I did not have to fiddle around by going into each individual post.

I hope that is what you were looking for. As for having labels appear on the sidebar: As Alicat said you need to be using a layout (as the new Blogger calls it) that has the HTML code in the template. This allows you to use the Label widget in the new Blogger Layout quite easily.

Rachael said...

OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ALANNA, NO! OH NO! Oh my GOODNESS, that is HORRIFIC! Eek and double EEK. I will click to turn off RSS feed before I keep doing that! OH MY.What a completely awful thing...shudder.


Oh and Meeta, I tried that too, but it just didnt work...most of my posts have multiple tags and that just kept bouncing me back to page one anyway...


Thanks anyway ladies! And sorry again!

Rachael said...

Though...that does explain why I suddenly got an influx of comments on some of my very old posts! LOL.

Alanna said...

Don't worry, Rachael, it's happening with every Blogger blog, has been since people starting converting a couple of months ago. That is an interesting idea, however, about turning off the feed while you're doing maintenance.

Just this morning, I've put a note of explanation at the top of a post, especially targeted at e-mail readers who don't get all this stuff and I feared, would be overwhelmed suddenly getting piles of old recipes. After working with FeedBurner, I'm making sure that when they get one, it's a good one.

BTW that wasn't a complaint, it's just a fact of life w RSS. What's important to know however, is that it'll continue even AFTER adding labels, every time you move a comma or correct a spelling. THAT is too bad.

Rachael said...

Last night I changed the blog to "private" while I added labels, hopefully that worked...