Sunday, January 28, 2007

[Blogger] Food Blog S'cool is now migrated to New Blogger

"Congratulations! Your move to the new Blogger is complete."

Some thing is up with the post template which automatically defaults to compose mode and therefore does not display the html code as it used to. Wil need to look into the settings.

Also - can everyone see my gmail address in the top bar or is it just me?

Additionally - maybe we can all start thinking about labelling our FBS posts in future

Please report any other problems.


This Post was written by Sam from Becks & Posh


Cate said...

Whoo hoo! You did it!!! No, no one else can see your g-mail address. Glad it went relatively smoothly ... now you can breathe a huge sigh of relief! :)

Sam said...

I am really annoyed about the post template defaulting to compose mode though, I havent found the setting to control this yet.

Sam said...

ok - i found the button to fix it - the 'show compose mode' button. I had to turn it off because it affects all blogs. this means FBS members will no longer have the compose mode available I think. Sorry about that.

we should all write to blogger and ask them to allow compose but for the default to be html, as it was previously.

trouble is once you hit the compose button, the html is forever messed up thereafter.

Kalyn said...

Woo Hoo Sam. I think there are about 20 of us Blogger users with heavily modified templates who are all breathing a gigantic sigh of relief.

When I go to my dashboard and create a post for FBS, I get compose mode and html as a toggle back and forth option, just as it always was. Maybe this is a setting that each user chooses for all their blog, don't know. I never noticed any problems going back and forth with it, but maybe because that's because I start my posts in compose and only go to html if there's a problem. (I really should try writing it in html I guess.)

Sam, the label feature is going to be fantastic for FBS. Maybe everyone can gradually go back to their old posts and add labels to them and you wouldn't have to worry about keeping up a subject index any more.

Kate said...

How did you convince Blogger to let you use your Gmail account? When I made the switch, it kept refusing to accept Gmail, so I had to set up a Yahoo account (which can only be seen by me and only when I'm logged on to the New Blogger).

Unless you want to list the labels in the sidebar, don't switch to the drop and drag layout option with all its annoying widgets. However, I've discovered a relatively fast and easy way to add labels to existing posts (I'm using them in the standard, non-widget layout because they're still cool).

When you go into the post mode, do a search for a term, e.g., sidebar. This will bring up all the posts with that term. Then use label actions to add labels to some or all of the posts, either by checking the boxes next to selected posts or selecting All. I did a huge amount of labeling for a friend's blog in a relatively short time. It's one of the niftiest additions to the New Blogger as far as I'm concerned.

Trig said...

Well done Sam. I don't know how to disable the default compose mode and I would also be interested to find out. I'm still seeing FBS default to this mode despite your comment, but it's not a problem.

There are a few things in html which screw up once you go into compose. The most obvious is use of ascii codes so you can illustrate tags, etc in txt without them being rendered by your browser. The 'end of embed' tag also disappears in compose mode.

We can't see your email address, but we can see our own because it's in the navbar. I posted the code for how to make your navbar hidden under new Blogger and if you are interested I can post it again.

Sam said...

Hi Trig - I know how to hide the nav bar but I actually made the choice to keep it - silly me - I actually like it being there, I use it!

Perhaps now the compose mode is our own personal setting rather than per blog, because i switched it, and it said it would switch it for all my blog and i no longer see compose mode - but if you do then maybe it is taking the info from your settings rather than mine.

annie said...

Sam, so happy you made the switch almost painlessly. Perhaps now, if you send another invite, I will be able to join. I have tried twice and each time it wouldn't let me. I always thought it was because I had made the switch and it didn't recognize my password. Please send another invite??

Sam said...

ANyone who wants to be reinvited, please send me request mail again as outlined in the blog roll. The only way I an keep track is to do it through that email address, I am going to get lost if I try and do it through comments.

I did the last batch of invites just over two weeks ago, so if you have sent me mail more recently than that no need to send again. Please be sure to include the email address you wish to be signed up as IN THE BODY of your email. along with your blog url so I can verify it.

thanks everyone

Peter Cherches said...

" Kate said...

How did you convince Blogger to let you use your Gmail account?"

I'm confused by that, since Blogger REQUIRED me to have a google login for the switch (which I already had), and I had to change my login ID.

I just moved last night & Food Blog 'Scool was on my dashboard. IIRC, didn't people who moved before Sam have to be reinvited?

It looks like my custom template changes have remained undisturbed.