Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Scraper Site

I have some watchlists of technorati tags that I view regularly to see what other people are talking about. I use it to see candy/chocolate related posts on non-foodie blogs.

Today I was shocked to see a new scraper site that's not just taking the digests of posts of other food bloggers (101 Cookbooks & SimplyRecipes), but the whole post including images:

It's called World Food

Here's what I found looking for the domain info:
PO Box 3284
Bridgetown 2901,

+1 246 238 1896
mmallers [at]

So if you see your posts there, you might want to lodge a complaint. At the moment it's not a monetized blog, so you can't complain to Adsense or anything and as it's offshore, I'm not sure what we can do. They are, however, republishing copyrighted content under a CC license.

Any thoughts?

This Post was written by Cybele from Candy Blog

UPDATE: Okay, I tried the email thing and of course it bounced as undeliverable.

Now I've contacted Feedburner who republishes my feed in hopes that they can do a discrete block.


Anonymous said...

Businesses and immigrants are acting together to screw the American worker:


McAuliflower said...

yep- that's a scrapper site all right. Make sure to check out my advice on filing under the DMCA.

Also- have your hosting service block World Food's ip address from accessing your site.

Silverbrow said...

Anonymous: Well done on that comment. You have nicely melded racism and anti-capitalism. Go you.

Sam, any chance of deleting this crap, please?

cybele said...

McAuliflower - unfortunately the scraper never actually visits my site, they grab the content via my Feedburner feed.

Yes, I can stop delivering the full content via feed, but I suspect that my feed readers will be very grumpy (about 800 right now).

As an update, feedburner is not able to do anything about the scraper, so I will proceed with the DMCA filing.

It's just so stupid and aggravating that it makes me want to leave the internets.

Heidi said...

Ugh. It's all so much easier when they try to monetize the site....

cybele said...

Okay, it took a while but I tracked down the host. And found out that the host was a reseller for a larger (real) host.

I contacted the uber-host and they shut down the site.

It took a while, I had to email them twice and fax the DMCA takedown notice, but they did eventually oblige.

I got a great deal of advice from ... check it out.

food blog scool said...

I get these scraper sites popping up on me all the time so I assed a copyright declaration to the end of every post now and I write copyright stuff in the image alt section and even in the name of my jpegs.

i considered watermarking too but it is $500 a year with the tracking option and I can't justify spending that.

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