Friday, January 05, 2007

[HTML Editors] Ecto or MarsEdit

I've just bought myself a Mac and was advised to use Ecto for writing/editing posts. I love the programme, works very well. However, I've just come across MarsEdit, from the team behind Newsgator and that looks pretty good as well.

I'd appreciate views on the merits of either from people with experience.

Anthony from Silverbrow on Food


maki said...

Both are fine products. I have used both at one time or another. I find the image uploading function of MarsEdit to be more straightforward, but if you use flickr or something for your image hosting it's not an issue.

That being said...I don't use either of them regularly anymore. I write all my blog posts (in Markdown format) in TextMate, kept in one Project. Since I tend to write longer posts usually it suits my style better. I think the dedicated blog editors are more suited for people who do short entries somehow. I do still use ecto though to make an 'if all else fails' backup of all my entries, by periodically downloading the entries from my blogs.

kiplog said...

I'm with maki, I like 'em both but don't use them.

I prefer BBedit just because I always seem to have it open anyway. HTML shortcuts and spell checking are all I really need when writing posts.

For real HTML editing, at the page or site level, BBedit can't be beat.

Silverbrow said...

Thanks for the tips.

Having used Ecto a bit, I've decided I love it. Particularly useful is its integration with Typepad (and I believe Blogger if necessary)