Monday, January 29, 2007

Check for your content...

Hi All,

I recently found unauthorized use of my blog content with no credit given and no contact info on the site. After a bit of annoyance, I managed to get Google to remove ads from the site. Since this point, the site owner has removed my content (Yay!), but there is still a lot of other stuff up on the site that may not be authorized. Google is going to re-enable ads on the site unless I bring a restraining order... and since my content isn't being stolen anymore, I'm backing off.

However, I do recommend folks checking it out. The site (I won't link to it) is at

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Cybele said...

I just went through this with a scraper earlier this month.

The best thing you can do is track down who their host is and file a DMCA takedown request. It's really very easy - you just fill out a form and email it or fax it. The webhost can then turn off the site.

Check out, they have great info on how to deal with this.

Getting their ad revenue stream cut off is definitely the way to hit them where it hurts.