Wednesday, January 17, 2007

[Blogger] More Code?

Is there a way to place a more tag or "continue reading" thing in Blogger posts? I know it's not shown as an icon, but wonder if there's another way to do it that I may be missing?

Written by Cate at Sweetnicks.


Anonymous said...

Cate - you can put the rest of your posting on another page and link to it by writing the following html wherever you want the "more..." to appear:

<a href="[url to be linked to]">more...</a>

You can get the url of the page you've created by finding it in your list of posts and clicking on view, which will make the full address appear in your browser address bar.

I've been filing stuff in pages dated 2000 since I started on Blogger because I've never found another way to set up an archive page other than one with a date and time. I know other blogging tools allow such file drawers to be set up. Does anyone know how to do this in Blogger other than using date-stamped pages?

Anonymous said...

Cate - the better way is here
bit complex but I used to use it for a while

William I. Lengeman III said...

For what it's worth, Typepad makes this sort of thing easy. But, if you're like me, you might find it daunting to pick up your site and take it over there just to take advantage of that feature.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about this facility and I might well use it, so thanks Owen.

Sorry, I don't want to hijack your question Cate but I still want to know how to create undated archive pages in Blogger. I think I'll post a question on the Google help group site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help, everyone -- off to play. ;)

Anonymous said...

Cate, did you have any luck with this. I'd like to do the same as I tend to wax poetic and my posts can be quite long. I wanted to try the more complicated version in Blogger, but after some searching, I couldn't find any of the indicators that they gave for placing the code. Is this up to date for the new version of Blogger? Anyone?