Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blogger archive still thinks it is 2006

3 days into the new year and I have managed to stop writing 2006 on all my correspondance, alas blogger still thinks it is December 2006 (at least over at my blog).

Any ideas?

I have upgraded to the beta version of blogger and all has gone smoothly, until the change of the year.
I have posted twice in 2007 - and in the main body of those new posts the date is correct - but in the archive section of the side bar the new posts are listed as 2006 and December. I now have two 2006s and two Decembers.

The sensible place to look is the template - but I really don't have a good understanding of html and also the new blogger template has a variety of inbuilt widgets which I am too scared to mess with.

You can alter the format of the archive section in the page element section - but each change in format is likewise wrong.

Many thanks for considering this problem and any solutions or suggestions.

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chanit said...

Try adding a new line to your Template- in the archive part,like the december line,but with the new month and year-

...2007_01_01_000_archive.html">January 2007< ...

It's good to save a copy of your template as a word document before making any changes .

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the suggestion. I can see what you mean when you view my blog in its source code. But when I look at the template and expand the widgets - there is no spot I can see where the html you suggested should fit ;-(

Will keep looking and if worse comes to worse will wait till February, to see if things clock over to 2007!

Anonymous said...


I have found it!
Ok maybe it is not such a great discovery. . .

The problem was that as a West Australian I set my blog to West Australian time. (Why should this be a problem?)

By changing my time setting to Greenwich Mean Time - blogger now accepts and archives my posts correctly.