Tuesday, January 09, 2007

"Eater" will publish all banned Chowhound posts

It's not news to anyone that Chowhound regularly deletes posts without warning or explanation. (And often, without making any sense whatsoever.) Several food bloggers have experienced and written about this.

Now Eater, a blog in NYC, is offering to publish any and all deleted/banned Chowhound posts for us. I think this is great, and it will certainly boost the transparency of Chowhound. As someone I know is fond of saying, "Sunlight sanitizes." Eater was motivated to do this after a little thread asking for advice on coffee shops was deleted. (Because, what, coffee shops aren't food-related?)

Hope that helps.


Silverbrow said...

They should do the same thing with eGullet as well. Would be good to get some of their pomposity and paranoia out in the open.

Tana said...

Heh heh heh, I have long been thinking about publishing some of the charming correspondence I had before they kicked me off (and deep-sixed the thread I started on Small Farms). I even have the confession of the person responsible for that, and who gave him his marching orders.

It would be fun!

: P

Seriously, you should write Eater and make that suggestion.

kungfoodie kat said...

Why not start a forum 'for and by' food bloggers? I'd be happy to setup an open message board. I've got an extra domain and plenty of server space.

I personally haven't gotten into either Chowhound or eGullet for various reason, I just don't feel comfortable there. It's be nice to have an alternative that wasn't so exclusive or heavy handed with the delete button.