Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is there any alternative of hello? bloggerbot is dead!

Hey guys, have encountered a problem with hello? I cant post pictures anymore from there and using the blogger upload is taking much time to upload one picture. Any suggestion?

Thanks ahead.

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    Liz said...

    Picassa. Truly. Very easy, takes seconds to install, and will pick up all the pics you already have on your harddrive and catalogue them for you.

    Sam said...

    hello is/was part of picasa, it was a fast photo loading method that many people (myself included) preferred over the 'blog this' button which his now the only route through Picasa.

    the alternative is to use the 'load image' button when creating a post to load an image using the file browser, from the disk which I find to be faster than the 'blog this' button but not as good as hello ever was.