Wednesday, January 17, 2007

[Website Help]

Hi, I hope this is okay to post here...

I have built a website using DreamWeaver as an extension of my blog. I own a domain name and have a hosting service. The only trouble is, I have no clue how to put the three together. Can any of you help me out with that? I am in a bind and at a loss...

This Post was written by Rachael from Fresh Approach


nika said...

Rachel, you need to upload the site to your hosting site (FTP or hosting specific means). You can sprinkle links throughout your site for your blog. Dreamweaver is designed to be configured to talk to your host.. you will need your FTP IP address and password.. hope your host lets you do it this way (cant see why not, that we be very archaic)

Matt said...

Hi Rachael,

What Nika said is spot on. Basically you will need to upload the pages you've created in Dreamweaver onto your web hosting account. Most will supply you with some form of FTP access to do this.

You then need to get your DNS for your domain name to point to your web hosting server. Most web hosting companies provide you with some ability to link a domain name to your account, but it can be confusing.

If you'd like some help with it feel free to drop me a line.

matt AT abstractgourmet DOT com

kungfoodie kat said...

Rachael...if you still need help here is a handy tutorial with pictures. It's actually quite easy to Google tutorials for Dreamweaver, there are tons of them.

Here are some key terms you need to know at this point...

You'll have to open the Site view to make a new Site.

The files on your computer are 'local', you'll need to add your FTP info in the Site definitions tab for the 'remote' web host server.

This is the DW term for uploading your files to the remote hosting server online.

Rachael said...

THank you all so much, I will try these suggestions tonight.