Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Help needed: comment problems on Wordpress

I've had some people (including myself) have problems leaving comments on my Wordpress-powered blog that uses Akismet and Bad Behaviour (which is not on strict mode).
Regular commenter Paz got a "44a1-d987-1366-73cd" but we have no idea what it is. Another commenter who works for an ISP yesterday got a 403 Error and a "d592-834e-1366-73cd".
And when I was abroad recently I couldn't leave comments on it because a couple of ISPs were blacklisted. I also wasn't even allowed into the dashboard to post, which was really annoying.
I was wondering is this an overzelous ISP (Bluehost) or something to do with Wordpress or Aksimet or Bad Behaviour?
Is there a way to ensure people aren't blocked without resorting to a Turing test?


Matt said...

Those errors are bad behaviour blocking the request for one or another reasons.

You can track the error code returned to the request in the bad behaviour log table in the database, which should be 'wp_bad_behavior'

If you can browse through your database using phpMyAdmin, you should be able to search for the codes and find out which request has been blocked.

I'd also be looking for an updated version of Bad Behaviour and if it still continues, look at changing to Spam Karma 2, which is a little more transparent as to what it's actually doing.

Ed said...

Thanks Matt. I've swapped to Spam Karma 2 which seems to be a far superior filter with all the options it offers so I can turn it up or down.

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