Sunday, January 28, 2007

Drop-Down Menus

Before my blog migrated to new blogger, I had drop-down menus for my recipes. Now I don't. They didn't migrate. I didn't like the old ones anyway, since they weren't the kind I wanted. (Mine were variable widths).

I would like to put menus back in my blog - exactly like the ones to the right that Sam uses for the FBS "classes." How do I do that?

Written by Cyndi of Cookin' with Cyndi


Cyndi said...

Notice the hiccup? Mine wasn't the first. I got "server error - please try again." So I did, and got duplicate posts.

Sam said...

hi cyndi - i think this a general blogger hiccup not a new blogger hiccup since this duplicate post thing happened to me last week on B&P before I made the switch.

the trick is not to panick if you get the "505 server erro" when you try and publish your post. DOn't go back and republish - open your blog in a new window and you will see that it probably has published the post depte the error's suggestion that it hasn't.

will try and answer your main question in a fresh post.

Sam said...

Hi Cyndi - I published the code in a new post you'll find 3 posts up the page from this one