Monday, January 29, 2007

[New Blogger] Sidebar issue

Since I switched to new Blogger, I've mostly been thrilled with it. However, there is one small issue that's driving me crazy. My blog looks fine in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer there is a small box after the right sidebar that should not be there. In the box is a word or a few letters which are the end of the phrase right above it (I have IE at home and school, two different versions, and they both look slightly different.)

I have looked and looked at my template and I don't see anything wrong. I recently removed the footer and I thought maybe I had removed a [/div] tag that should be there, but even when I add one in, it's still screwed up.

(BTW, it's impossible to preview your template in IE, from what I can tell. My blog does not display correctly when I hit preview, although when it's published it looks fine. The preview function works great in Firefox though, so if you're doing manual template editing I recommend using Firefox.)

If anyone who has IE on their computer would take a look and let me know if they see anything that might be causing this, I'd greatly appreciate it.

(Edit 1-31-07: I still haven't had any suggestions about what's causing this. I'd love to know what's doing it if anyone has any suggestions.)

This Post was written by Kalyn from Kalyn's Kitchen


Anonymous said...

i too finally took the beta plunge and for most part although not totally checked out is okay

Question for the gurus? I know how to add the links with page elements, but how can you do them so they open in a new browser. Way ez in the old version. Thanks

Haalo said...

Hi Kalyn, I've looked at your site using IE 7 but I can't see the box you mention.

Sally said...

Hi Kalyn - Me either (ditto what haalo said).

Cate said...

Kalyn, I looked in IE and AOL, and the box you mention is on both, though it looks slightly different in each. Wish I could help with a fix, but I'm sure one of the savvy FBS techies can help. My first thought would have been scouring for a stray tag though.

Kalyn said...

Thanks for looking guys, and at least I guess it's good news that it doesn't show in IE 7. I think both of mine are older versions, but not sure about the one at school. Cate, me too, but no matter what I add or delete it doesn't go away!

SusanV said...

Sorry, Kalyn. I looked at your source code but didn't see anything obvious amiss. And since it looks fine in IE7, I can't see the problem. I'm still hoping one of the real techies here will find it for you.